The workshop report is now available (printer formatted version is also available).


Recent community reports on autonomous and Lagrangian platforms and Arctic observing identify the development of under-ice navigation and telemetry technologies as one of the critical factors limiting the scope of high-latitude measurement efforts. An NSF-sponsored workshop was recently held to address these needs, bringing together international participants from the fields of acoustic navigation and telemetry, arctic oceanography, acoustical oceanography and autonomous platforms. Workshop participants began the coordinated definition of an acoustic navigation and telemetry system capable of supporting a diverse range of Arctic observational activities. Efforts focused on comprehensive system design, including specifications for components comprised of mature technologies and identification of areas requiring additional development.

For more information about the motivation and structure for the workshop, please see the formal call for participation white paper. The workshop agenda is also available.

The workshop was held 27 February - 1 March 2006 at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. The workshop report and an article in EOS detail workshop activities, recommendations and conclusions.

Organizing committee

The workshop was convened by Craig Lee and Jason Gobat (Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington) with sponsorship from NSF Office of Polar Programs. The steering committee consists of:
  • Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller (AWI)
  • Olaf Boebel (AWI)
  • Lee Freitag (WHOI)
  • Jean-Claude Gascard (LODYC)
  • Jason Gobat (UW-APL)
  • Bruce Howe (UW-APL)
  • Craig Lee (UW-APL)
  • Peter Mikhalevsky (SAIC)

Presentations and working group documents

Background reading